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Selecting a laurel nursery and supplier is a critical step for anyone seeking quality laurel plants. As a premier laurel nursery and supplier, Liwardi offers a range of laurel species, each carefully cultivated to ensure health and beauty. Our commitment as a laurel nursery and supplier guarantees that each plant from our nursery is a prime example of top-quality foliage.

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We offer a range of laurel varieties as a nursery and supplier

Our status as a renowned laurel nursery and supplier is highlighted by our expertise in various laurel species. For instance, the Cherry laurel ‘Rotundifolia’ is a popular choice, known for its large, glossy leaves and robust growth, making it ideal for privacy hedges. Additionally, we offer the Prunus laurocerasus, a versatile plant known for its dense, evergreen foliage, perfect for creating lush, green barriers. As a leading laurel nursery and supplier, our range ensures that we are the go-to destination for anyone in search of high-quality landscaping plants.

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Are you considering adding laurels to your landscape? Request a quote from us through our contact form or request more information via +31 165 365797. Our team of specialists at our hedging plant nursery is eager to provide more information about our plants. This will ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to make the best choice for your landscaping needs.

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