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At Liwardi, we understand that finding a quality hedging plants nursery and supplier is crucial for our discerning customers. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to being a leading provider of top-tier hedging plants. Our modern company is located in the town of Nispen, part of the municipality of Roosendaal in The Netherlands. On an area of around 20 hectares, we mainly grow evergreens like Ilex, Taxus, Buxus, Prunus Laurus, Prunus Lucitania, Osmanthus, Photinia, Ligustrum and conifers.


The foundation of good cultivation is healthy soil and proper propagation material.  For tree nursersy Liwardi, plants are grown at specialised nurseries and are planted in open field for 2 or 3 years. During this period the plants are regularly pruned and undercut. 


Every customer has its own specific wishes. Most plants are delivered with its root ball.
All root balls are hand-meshed in jute or acrylic. After that they are transported in a barrel or professionally loaded into a truck or sea container. Plants can also be potted in containers ranging from 5 up to 25 litres.  

Sales market

Most of our trees is being exported to England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

Discover a diverse range of quality hedging plants with us as your nursery and supplier

We are proud to offer a diverse and impressive selection of hedging plants at our nursery and as a supplier. Understanding the importance of both aesthetics and functionality, our range caters to various requirements. The quality of our soil is a priority, and we minimise the use of chemical pesticides to maintain the health and sustainability of our plants. As an instant hedge supplier, we ensure our plants are ready for immediate planting upon delivery. Additionally, our collection includes a wide array of beautiful landscaping plants, making us a comprehensive solution for all gardening and landscaping needs.

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Exploring the range of a quality hedging plants nursery and supplier like ours can significantly transform any landscape project. At Liwardi Quality Hedging BV, we invite you to explore our remarkable selection of evergreen hedging plants, each of the highest quality, to elevate your garden or outdoor space. Request a quote and benefit from our year-round delivery options. We are committed to providing the best hedging plants on the market, enhancing landscapes with our wide range of products.