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As a prominent supplier of landscaping plants, we at Liwardi provide a comprehensive range of options to enhance any garden or outdoor space. Our extensive selection includes a variety of plants, each chosen for their durability and adaptability to different environments. Our offerings as a landscaping plants supplier based in the Netherlands cater to all landscaping styles and preferences.

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We offer a wide range of landscaping plants as an experienced supplier

Our reputation as an experienced supplier of landscaping plants is cemented by our expertise in cultivating laurel plants. Being a well-established laurel nursery, we offer various types of laurel plants, each suited to different landscape designs. We also provide a range of instant hedging options, ideal for those seeking immediate impact. Our plants are delivered with the entire root ball, ensuring easy planting and successful establishment in their new environment. We also offer bespoke advice and recommendations as a landscaping plants supplier, ensuring our clients make the best choice for their specific landscaping requirements.

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Discover our full assortment of landscaping plants offered by our company and request a quote to start transforming your outdoor space. The dedicated team at our hedging plant nursery is on hand to provide detailed information about each plant, assisting you in selecting the perfect options for your project. Contact us via our contact form or call us at +31 165 365797 for more information about our plants. Find out how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals as a trusted landscaping plants supplier.

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